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The HEVIS Center school fund


As you could imagine, the center has many needs both internally and in the community where it serves. We would love to grow and develop adult programs, community programs, and so much more. 


This is some of the best money you will spend each month. To give to those born less fortunate than you have been.


Each sponsor will receive a quarterly newsletter for us about how the school and students are doing. 


We can't do this without your support.




Travis and Emmanuel

Founders of The HEVIS Center

Beginning in January 2017, the HEVIS Center had 3 primary goals:


  • Education of disabled, poor, and orphaned children
  • Employment opportunities for students, their families, and the local community
  • Social changes for basic services, understanding, and respect.


Through these three goals, all aspects of our teachers, students, and leadership are focused. the Center will be a symbol of hope for those living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and beyond with disabilities, living in extreme poverty, and/or orphaned before the age of 18.